The home of Cairnmount Bullmastiffs

Welcome to our home, we hope you enjoy viewing our dogs.

David and I live in a rural area, our property looks over the Ochil hills

and our local castle. This is an ideal setting for the dogs and us.

We have 11 of our own dogs all Bullmastiffs and all related from

grandfather down.

We have had dogs all our lives, Sandy was our first, a lab and as always, mad as a hatter. Then along came the first of our Great Danes which led me into showing our dogs.

Later another three Danes joined us which I showed with some success.

We took a St Bernard as a rescue, we had her a year then she sadly died.

We also fostered Danes for one of the rescue associations.

In 2000 David decided he would like a Bullmastiff so we did

 some research and found our lad Douglas who is our pride and joy.

One year later we got him a friend, Suzie, known at home as our little Princess

this was a match made in heaven, and has given us the show dogs we

have today.

This is the breed we love and to have them in our daily life is a gift.